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About me

I travel and discover, I explore and learn… I live!
And in the meantime, while drinking my favorite tea, I write about everything my heart longs for.

Engineer of Computer Science by education, Software Developer by profession, Wanderluster by heart.

I adore my morning coffee in my favorite mug, but can’t live without my usual cup of (green) tea multiple times per day. I live for hot summer days that turn into carefree nights, but also adore the smell of snow and having a warm scarf around my neck while hoping it won’t stop snowing so I can go for a long walk on a freshly fallen snow in the morning. I can’t live without my family and friends, but yet one of my favorite past time activities is planning a new adventure that will come to life somewhere far away from everything that is known to me, whilst exploring new cultures and all the unknown things, smells, feelings and tastes. But my absolutely favorite of them all are those moments when I come home from an exciting adventure and I’m again surrounded by my favorite people, filled with experiences and adventures which I then share with my loved ones, go through all the photos I took and then I write something nice about my new discoveries…

…and so until the next spark which quickly grows into a flame and becomes a well known, never forgotten desire for new discoveries and it silently, but persistently, sneaks in my heart and soul and brain and all my bones and which I can only quench by starting to plan a new adventure.

xoxo, Anja S.