Prevedi objavo v slovenski jezik

Fairytale lake Lago di Sorapis | Dolomites, Italy

We had one more hike planned on the day we hiked the Lagazuoi mountain. In the afternoon we drove to the Tre Croci pass, where we parked our car, nervously checked the time and started our Lago di Sorapis hike. On our way there we met crowds that were already returning from the lake and it looked like we were the only ones headed in the opposite direction. We were already doubting our decision, because there were around 3 or 4 hours of sunlight left and we really didn’t want to be left without the light in the middle of the forest. We walked as fast as we could and tried to ignore the doubting voices in our heads when we reached the last part of the hike, which was quite unpleasant – the road got super narrow and there was steel rope on one side and steep slope on the other. Our legs were already feeling rubbery from all the walking we did that week and it seemed the winds were getting stronger by the minute. Soon enough we heard the first sounds of approaching thunder. “Oh no,” I thought to myself, when I felt the first raindrops on my skin. We turned around. “It’s not worth it, it’s too risky, let’s go back,” we said to ourselves. After a few steps we realized the dark clouds avoided us completely, so we collected the last courage and continued our journey. “Just a little bit more, only a few more minutes,” I kept telling to myself, although with every minute passed there was still no lake in sight. When we finally reached it, we were tired and stressed, but as soon as I saw the lake, everything was forgotten. “Oh wow,” was the only thing I could say. The sight before my eyes was absolutely stunning, I saw the most beautiful lake in my life. Everything else was forgotten.

Because the crowds already returned home, we stood there almost by ourselves. It was magical. Unreal, almost. We snapped a few photos, took one more look at the lake, hoping to remember it forever and headed back. Going on this hike we knew we’ll have limited amount of time at the lake, but it was still very difficult to say goodbye to it. On our way back we could finally relax a bit and start to appreciate our surroundings – the amazing nature, crossing the waterfalls and seeing the giant mountains in the distance. When we finally reached our car after our 3 hour hike, the parking area was completely empty. We needed a moment to catch our breaths and then went back to our hotel, where we spent our entire day wearing flip-flops because of all the blisters we gained. However, we would never trade the blisters, stress and sweat for that magical sight we witnessed. Lago di Sorapis, it was absolutely delightful meeting you.

Accomodation: Hotel Villa Argentina (booking/agoda)


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