Prevedi objavo v slovenski jezik

Lagazuoi Mountain | Dolomites, Italy

We started our day of exploring Lagazuoi Mountain (2835 m) at Falzarego Pass. It is the perfect starting point to explore the mountain. When we arrived, we spent quite some time looking for a free parking spot, which is nothing unusual in hot summer months when Dolomites get very busy. In contrary to the day before when we arrived in the late afternoon and had no problem finding empty parking spot, we came earlier today – we came around ten in the morning which we quickly figured is a very popular time for hiking. Every space in the parking lot was occupied and the cars were already parked on every empty space by the road, with some space left only really far from the starting point of the trek. Luckily we finally found a free spot after circling around for some time and our adventure began. We put on layers of clothing (looking up at the majestic mountain we really thought we are going to freeze there), bought our cable car ticket and were taken high on the mountain. In only few minutes we were taken from 2105 m to 2835 m. The ride was really fast and impressive. Once on top, we walked a bit higher to reach Rifugio Lagazuoi where we drank our morning coffee. Soon we realized we were wearing too much clothing so we took off some and then started our hike back down to Falzarego Pass. There were quite some people at the first part of the hike but nothing too disturbing. The hike took us about 2 hours. We could’ve rent helmets with head lamps on the lower point of the cable car, but decided against hiking the mountain via tunnels. When we peeked inside, they were somewhat claustrophobic – slippery, dark and with low ceiling), so we were determined to hike down the more picturesque and also easier road. If time and our energy permittted, we would want to hike the mountain from Falzarego Pass to the top and then go back down with the cable car, but because we had two hikes planned that day (and needed to save as much time and energy as possible), we decided to go with the opposite – cable car to the top and hiking back down. Going down and looking up at the stiff parts of the mountain, where the hike continues via tunnels, we were happy with our decision of taking the easier road and also with our decision to hike down and not up, because in the second part of the hike we were already getting quite hot (and grilled) by the sun. The hike was everything we expected it to be – amazingly beautiful views that will surely stay in our memories for a long, long time.

Accomodation: Hotel Villa Argentina (booking/agoda)


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