Prevedi objavo v slovenski jezik

Extremely photogenic Lago di Braies | South Tirol, Italy

Lago di Braies (Pragser Wildsee) is probably the most photogenic lake I’ve ever seen. Situated in South Tirol and surrounded by mountains that admire themselves in its emerald green reflection make for a terrific photo opportunities. It is part of the Dolomites – Unesco world heritage site.

We made an afternoon trip from Misurina, where we were situated while exploring the Dolomites. It took us about 40 minutes on the road to reach it. We parked our car in the parking place and went for a walk around the lake. We arrived late in the afternoon, so the crowds were already gone, which meant having the lake almost all for ourselves. The majority of the walk we were completely alone. The walk starts at the Hotel Lago di Braies and it took us about 1 – 1.5 hour to finish the walk around the lake. There’s a pier close to the hotel where you can rent a boat and explore the lake from the water. Unfortunately the pier was already closed when we arrived, so we postponed the paddling experience for the next visit. Trail around the lake is well maintained and quite narrow, at some parts it gets a bit narrower and steep, but nothing too difficult. We loved spending our time there and were blown away by its beauty, but we found even more gorgeous lake in the next days.

Accomodation: Hotel Miralago




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