Prevedi objavo v slovenski jezik

Postcard Views | Positano, Italy

Sleeping in Ancora Positano was delightful and cozy and the night was over before we knew it. We pushed the snooze button on phone alarm clock few times too many, which led us to missing the sunrise. Sometimes, even while travelling, the bed is just too warm and comfortable to be able to jump out of it at the first sign of a new day. We sold our plans to see the sun rising above the Positano’s most famous view for a couple of hours of dreaming more – and those dreams didn’t end even when we woke up. We could admire the dreamy views from our patio (with jacuzzi!) and even more so while enjoying the breakfast at the top floor. Our breakfast was in a total slow motion – every bite we made, every sip of coffee we took, we made sure to take our time and try to enjoy as much as possible every minute of it while admiring the view. On our way to the beach we had to make a quick visit to Positano’s most famous hotel Le Sirenuse and took a peak of the view from their famous terrace. Amazing! (Almost worth the hefty price tag.)

After the breakfast, we took the last stroll through the narrow streets, indulged in some more sweets (this time while standing, like a true Italians!) and slowly started to move to our next destination – Sorrento. We dragged our luggage to the top of the hill, sweat dripping from our foreheads, loud breathing coming from our chests. High five, we did it! We bought bus tickets from the gentleman in the blue shirt, crossed the road and were ready to catch the first ride to Sorrento. We came a bit earlier, we like to pride ourselves with being punctual when travelling, so we came fifteen minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus. In the end, those 15 minutes only added up to already super late bus, so we ended up waiting in a super hot sun, with no shade whatsoever, with fumes from cars and scooters and other busses passing us blowing all over our faces – for deadly 45 minutes.

We started guessing if we’re going to self-ignite because of the heat or maybe drown in our own sweat in the next minute or two, when suddenly bus arrived. We loaded ourselves and our luggage and high on the air conditioning started our power trip down the many twists and turns on the narrow streets, filled with loud honking and speeding and slowing down and speeding again, and honking, honking, honking – all this while staring down the super steep cliff on the side of the road. We were glad that we were smart enough to not rent our own car so we didn’t have to face this roads ourselves and also very determined that we’re taking a boat to Sorrento next time.

Humbled and grateful that we survived this roller coaster, we started our adventure of exploring Sorrento.



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